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Core Values Strong Families (CVSF) is a Boston-based, purpose driven mentorship movement that seeks to reach, invest, and empower the most vulnerable, disadvantaged children and families, and to overcome the vast inequality gaps in wealth, health, education, and technology.

Through our mentoring programs, we aim to create protective community environments that strengthens economic support for families and small businesses.



We aim to overcome and fight the conditions that all too often lead children down the wrong path. Whether it is economic disadvantages, lack of guidance at home, lack of structure from the household, or a lack of vision for one's future, our mentoring movement works hard every single day to address these shortcomings. 97% of children who have a mentor report that they find their mentor valuable, and this model clearly has the potential to positively impact the lives of thousands of children.

With individuals passionate about caring for children, being a role model, and forging a close, responsible relationship with children in need, our mentors put their all into their relationships with each mentee. The relationship benefits the child in every way, from physical health and well-being, to improved grades, school behavior, and social skills, and eventually, towards a stable and productive adult life, with or without a college education along the way.

The long-lasting nature of a mentor relationship serves as an invaluable model for children lacking strong, consistent relationship ties, and materially impacts not only the child's day-to-day life, but also the future life outcomes of each kid. Our mentorship movement inspires, encourages, and offers love to children of all types, and the potential to do good in the world with this service, is endless.

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Here at CVSF, we offer services to address every side of a child's potential struggle from educational assistance, to health guidance, and financial resources. We provide family counselling, planning services, and therapeutic disciplinary services, to name a few. We partner with volunteers, agencies, and clients of all types to deliver these services to children who need them the most.

We are always open to new collaborations and partnerships, and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can work together. Let us know how our vision aligns with your values, and what skills you can offer to make the mentoring program as valuable as it can be.

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